How to Solve AT&T Email Sending or Receiving Problem

In order to have proper communication, you have to send and receive emails in your ATT email account. Troubleshooting the problem of sending and receiving emails is necessary, if you want to have proper communication. There are few steps that you can follow to solve it by yourself but in case you have difficulty in following the steps, then you have to contact in AT&T email support phone number for seeking help for guidance in the steps.

How to fix problem of sending or receiving emails?

Whenever you find that you are having difficulty in sending or receiving emails, then you have to follow below mentioned steps:

  1. First of all, you have to sign out of your email and then sign in again. Doing that sometimes resolve the issue completely and if by chance you find that still you are unable to send or receive emails then the problem lies somewhere else.
  2. In the next step you have to check whether the email is landing in the spam folder. Sometimes you may wonder why you are not receiving emails whereas all the emails are landing in a spam folder. In that situation you have to contact the ATT customer service
  3. Another common reason due to which you have to face number of problems including the problem in sending and receiving emails is the web browser that is used for accessing the ATT email account.
  4. You have to clear your cookies and cache because often browsing speed slows down because of that and often it conflicts with emails. Therefore, you have to clear all the caches. If you have problem in understanding the steps of clearing the cookies, then you can avail help of the experts by dial AT&T email support phone number.

AT&T email support phone number

How customer service team resolves AT&T email problems?

As soon as you face the problem in sending and receiving emails, then you have to review your settings. The executives of our team selects the gear icon present in the top right corner. You have to ensure that in the blocked addresses section there are no addresses from which you would expect email. You have to review the filters section to get ensure that all your emails are arriving in the correct folder. The executive of our team has ability to solve all AT&T email problems.

AT&T email support phone number

The team checks whether the browser settings and all the browser options are accurate and whenever they find that everything is accurate then resolving the issues becomes easy for them. They also disable browser tools or add-ons to find out whether they conflict with the email address. These are some of the ways for troubleshooting the problem of sending and receiving emails followed by the expert team. You have to check whether you have messages in your outbox folder and if possible you have to remove those messages and then try to send message again. In case mail gets stuck, then without much ado, you have to take help of customer service team.

Apart from the discussed reasons one possible reason of problem in sending and receiving emails is that your account is compromised. This is a situation that you will come to know when you are receiving emails from your own AT&T email address but you are getting complaint about spam that is being sent from your email address. In such a situation you have to immediately dial AT&T email support phone number 1-833-540-6745 toll free and take help of experts for recovering the account from hacked state and thus, troubleshooting the issues of sending and receiving emails.